What Bow Is Used In Olympic Archery: The Best Answer You’re Looking for

What Bow Is Used In Olympic Archery

Archery is one of the oldest sports that we still practice until now. It has become one of the competitions at the Olympic Games.

For those who regularly follow the Olympic Games, you would notice that the bows used by archers are the same.

Is it the same kind of bow?

The answer is yes.

Please read the following article to find out what bow is used in Olympic archery as well as the reason why archers must use it during the competition!

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What Bow Is Used In Olympic Archery?

The archers all use the same bows, so what kind of bow is it?

That is the recurve bow.

So are other types of bows like compound used?

Absolutely not! Recurve bows are the only type of bows allowed to compete in the Olympic Games. There have been attempts to propose the use of compound bows, but the organizers did not approve.

Why Must Be Recurve Bow?

olympic archery

Besides the recurve bow, there is another type of bow which is used in archery competitions in the United States.

Basically, compound bows and recurve bow are not too different. However, at the Olympic Games, the Organizing Committee did not allow the use of the compound bow.

There are several reasons for this, but here we will tell you three main causes.

Olympic Needs Fairness

As you all know, the Olympic Games are an international sporting event. Every Olympics season has a lot of competitions in different fields, and there are many participants from all over the world.

Fairness is an important factor in such a huge competition, if not the number one priority.

Therefore, all support tools in the competition must be strictly controlled to ensure objectivity in the game.

Besides, in a competition, no one would want to see players winning too easily or by cheating. That might explain the restriction on the type of bows used in archery competitions.

The organizers only allow recurve bows to guarantee that the archers will have a fair competition.

With any type of bow, if you want to win, you must know how to control the bow, how to shoot, how to create the force to push the bow far and accurately. This requires the archers to practice seriously.

And when the archers all use the same type of bow which is recurve bow, there is absolutely no difference in accuracy when the arrows are fired. It means that the person who has better tactics and techniques will be the winner.

A Compound Bow Is More Unfavorable

Compound bows are specifically designed for hunting. To ensure that you can hit the moving target, you will need to use enough force to control this bow. Meanwhile, the Olympic competition does not require much power. In this case, the recurve bow is a more suitable option.

However, it does not mean that when using recurve bows, archers will not need to use power. On the other hand, participants still need to create a force strong enough for the arrow to go the right way and the round center. However, there is less energy required compared to when using the compound bow.

Also, in the scope of competition, people mainly pay attention to high accuracy. Therefore, to reduce the pressure on the archer, the organizers need to eliminate unnecessary elements, including the magnitude of the firing power.

Specifically, to use the compound bow, the archer must create a 70-pound shot force. Meanwhile, if using recurve bows, archers only need to create a power of 40 or 50 pounds. This will make the archer more comfortable during shooting.

This is considered the advantage of using the recurve bow to serve in the Olympics.

Easily Identify The Winner

Although recurve bows and compound bows are basically similar, it does not mean that there will be no difference when the two archers use different types of bows.

To a particular spot, the compound bow will differ from the recurve in terms of weight and accuracy.

So, if archers can use both bows, how can we determine the winner?

It will be tough!

The decision will take a lot of time. In addition to the points the archer gains, the jury needs to consider other factors such as the advantages and disadvantages of using two different types of bows to find out the winner.

So why do they have to put themselves in trouble while using a bow called recurve will make it a lot easier?

Popular Olympic Recurve Model

The organizers only limit the type of bows used in the Olympics. Recurve bows come in many different designs, and archers are allowed to use those patterns.

However, most archers participating in archery competitions choose the designs of Hoyt Archery.

For risers, up to 20% of players use the Hoyt Prodigy RX, and 16% of risers choose Hoyt GMX. These are the two archery designs of Hoyt Archery that are used by most risers.

Meanwhile, for limbs, most of them choose Hoyt’s Quattro model. This rate accounts for 45% of the total number of limbs participating in the Olympic Games.

Hoyt Archery products have been around for a long time (since 1931) and have affirmed their position in the market. Archery products of Hoyt Archery, therefore, made archers feel secure to use during competition. And in every Olympic, the archer who won the gold medal in the archery content used the bow of Hoyt Archery.

Finals Thoughts

Since becoming an official sport at the Olympic Games, archery competitions have attracted a lot of viewers.

Above is information about what bow is used in Olympic archery. Hopefully, this article will provide you with the most useful information!

Thanks for reading!

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