How To Play Darts With 3 Simple Steps

For everyone, it is easy to know how to play darts but hard to master. Therefore, if you want to play darts well, you will have to learn the right rules and practice a lot.

All you need to know about darts is in this article. We will give you plenty of useful and detailed information about this game.


Origins of the Darts Game

Nowadays, darts game is very popular to everyone, especially the young. However, do you know clearly about the origins of that game?

Darts game is supposed to have appeared about 700 years ago.

According to Patrick Chaplin, who learned about the history of darts, the game derives from England in the 1300s.

There is a tale about the history of darts. In the medieval age, some bored soldiers competed against each other by throwing spearheads or other sharp things at the casks.

They considered it as a game to play in their free time. After that, the leaders encouraged all the soldiers to participate to practice throwing skills and improve the strength of their arms. Later, they replace casks with trunks as targets.

Gradually, the soldiers want to demonstrate their skills, so they put circular panels on the tree trunks that are similar to the modern darts boards.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the game varied in different types all over England. Then, American soldiers played darts in Europe and took the darts home. At the end of World War I, the game started to become popular in America.

More and more people know and play darts. Despite having difficulties during the process of league recognition, the Professional Darts Corporation succeeded in taking the darts game into a new level.

At present, the game has many different types and professional tournaments. In the 1970s, it became an official sport.

Know the Basics

Before learning about the way to play darts, you should know some basic rules of the game, for example, dartboards setup and scoring method.

Dartboard setup instructions

This image shows how to set up a dartboard.

Oche, also called throw line, is the position where the player stands to throw darts.  Bullseye is the central point of the dartboard. The picture shows the distances in a dartboard setup: 5 feet 8 inches high, 7 feet 9.25 inches long, and 9 feet, 7.5 inches in diagonal.

There are many variations in scoring methods. However, in this article, we will only mention 501 rule – the most classic and popular rule.

20 ars are corresponding to the score

Some basic rules:

  • In the beginning, each player has a starting point of 501 points. They have to throw darts so that they can bring the score to 0 with the least number of throwings.
  • 1 turn includes 3 times of throwings.
  • Finishing the turn of the game must be the third throwing (the final one) on the double ring.

The coring method for each throwing:

  • Bull’s eye: 50 points.
  • Bull’s margin: 25 points.
  • Double ring: Double the number of points (twice the number on the arc).
  • Triple ring: Triple the number of points (3 times the number on the arc).
  • The outer part of the triple ring: 0 points.

Checkout rules to end the game:

  • Must be the last throwing dart.
  • Must throw into the double ring (the number of points left after the 2nd throwing must be an even number).

If you are not a professional player, you can reduce the starting point to 201 points. Or in the simplest way, turn the back of the dartboard and play. The scoring method is simpler than the 501 rule.

The simplest way to play darts

Learn How to Play Popular Dart Games

For beginners, you need to learn and practice the most basic movements, such as grip, stance, and throw.


How to hold darts with 3 fingers

To throw darts accurately, you need to learn how to have the right hold.

You can try the “pencil grip.” In this way, you will use your thumb, index finger, and middle finger to hold the dart, which is also the way we hold a pencil.

Some people, however, prefer holding darts with their 2 fingers: thumb and index finger. It is a personal preference.

Don’t hold the darts too tightly. It is something balanced between control and comfort.

You should be comfortable with them but have to be firm enough to control them. For most of starters, they cannot keep a hold balanced, which is a common mistake.

Nevertheless, the way you hold darts also depends on the size of them. For example, if the dart is thick and long, it will be better for you to use 3 fingers to hold. In contrast, you will only need to use 2 fingers when you have a smaller dart.


The next noticeable thing is the stance. Your posture also affects the results of throwing.

The stance when throwing darts

The stance varies from a player to another one. However, they have some fundamentals in common.

Always put the foot on the same side with your dominant hand forward. Therefore, if you are right-handed, put your your right foot forward. Also, put your weight on the front foot.

Try to keep your knees still. You should not swing, jump, or kick while throwing darts. Try to minimize the movement of your foot as much as possible. That’s because too much movement can influence the accuracy of your throwing.

Of course, you can slightly bend towards the dartboard, which is only natural.

The comfort and calmness will help you have a good standing posture to make a good throwing.


How to throw darts

Throwing is the most important skill in playing darts, which you will have to practice a lot.

To set up, you should raise your hand so that it is parallel to the floor. Then, sight and concentrate on the target that you are aiming to.

Your forearm and wrist will be the parts performing the throwing. Nevertheless, you don’t need to use too much power because your target is a board that is about 5 feet away from you.

When you throw the darts, your arm should be steady, and your forearm moves fast. However, it doesn’t mean using lots of power. In case you throw darts too lightly, the darts won’t reach the board.

5 Basic Dart Games You Should Know


  • Player: Any, but 2 players or 2 teams are popular.
  • The numbers in the game: All the numbers.
  • Rules: Each team or player begins with 301 points. You will have to reduce the starting point to 0 by subtracting the number that you score in each turn.

Before starting to subtract, you have to double (hit any 1 of 21 doubles including, the double bull). To end the game, you also need to double. For example, if you’re at the age of 28, you will have to hit a double 14 to reach 0. Then, if you get a 14, your next goal is the double 7.

Hitting more points than your left points helps you reach 0. It means the turn ends, and next time, you will start with the previous points.

Round The World

  • Players: 2
  • Rules: Players will try to hit all the numbers from 1 to 20 on the board. You can hit any parts of the number – single, double, or triple. The 2 players take turns to throw, and each player has 3 throwings. The winner is the player who hits a 20 first.


  • Player: Any, but 3 or more players will make the game funnier.
  • Numbers in the game: Players will determine the number used. You will throw the dart with their opposite hand to choose your random number.

If you miss the dartboard or your number is the same as that of other people, you will choose again.

  • Rules: Players try to double their number and then, they will be called a “killer”. A “K” will be put next to their name on the board. When a player is a “killer”, they afford to double the opponents’ numbers.

Every player has 3 lives. When a killer hits the opponent’s double, that opponent loses 1 life. If a killer hits their double, they will also lose 1 life. You can kill one opponent in only 1 turn in case you hit their double 3 times. The winner is the last player left.

Tips For Beginners

Learn The Rules

Learning the rules of the darts game is the first and foremost thing that you must do. Knowing clearly about the rules will help you play more straightforward and make better progress.

Therefore, don’t skip it!

Find Out Your Grip And Stance Preference

As we mentioned, grip and stance are personal preference, so each player has a favorite type.

You can try many different kinds to choose one of them so that you will play well with that grip and stance.

Practice Some Basics of Arithmetic

Arithmetic seems to be not concerned with playing darts, but it’s essential. There are some variations of darts games that need your ability to calculate.

Hence, practice some basics of Arithmetic will level up your skills in this game.

Learn About Terminology

Because darts game has become an official sport, you can see a lot of terms when learning how to play it. Learning and practicing Terminology will also contribute to your learning process.

Be Consistent

Remember that consistency is the King. If you want to become a professional player in the darts game, you will have to practice the same actions, stance, grip, and throw all the time. That will help you make progress more quickly.

Practice More

Practise makes success. When you practice something many times, you will get used to it and then throw the darts better next time.

Besides, you may recognize something new during your practicing process, and it can make you play darts better and better.

Don’t Be Discouraged

Everything needs time and so do your skills. Don’t be discouraged if you practice a lot, but cannot see the progression. Just stop and find out whether you have made some mistakes.

Some Types Of Dartboards

Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard

The material of this dartboard is mostly salu, which makes the board durable. Moreover, it also reduces bounce-outs. That means your darts will stick nearly every time you throw. However, it’s not true with short or plastic tip darts.

This dartboard may cost much. However, with the high quality, you should consider getting one.

Check the price on Amazon.

Doinkits Dart

Are you a casual player? If yes, a Doinkits Dart is suitable for you.

It is quite durable and not easy to break when you play. The darts used for this board are not spearheaded. They are magnet darts.

Because it is a dartboard that anyone can also afford, its price is reasonable. Also, 6 darts are coming with this dartboard when you buy a Doinlits Dart.

However, this board has some small parts that may be dangerous to young children. You had better notice that when buying one.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

Have you ever seen an electronic dartboard at an affordable price?

Well, here it is. An Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is an appropriate selection for you.

You can use this dartboard for up to 8 players. Moreover, you don’t need to calculate the points. Instead, the board will do it.

This is a portable board, so you can bring it anywhere you want, which is convenient for you to go out with friends. It sounds great!

Accudart 2-in-1 Starlite

One more recommendation is Accudart 2-in-1 Starlite. With a diameter of 19 inches, the dartboard is quite large. With this board, you can play 2 games. Also, this board comes with 6 high-quality brass darts.

Nevertheless, bounce-outs are common due to bad wiring, which may lead to your displeasure when playing.

You can check its price on Amazon.

In Conclusion

Our post includes all the basic things for anyone wanting to learn about the darts game.

With the above information, you can teach yourselves how to play darts and share it with other people. If you are a starter in this game, you should be patient in learning many things little by little.

Don’t rush or lose your patience!

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