The Best Electronic Dart Boards for Endless Fun (2020 Edition)

best electronic dart boards

Playing darts is a fantastic way to while away the time and have fun with your friends or families. However, keeping and calculating the score all the time makes you feel frustrated.

Is there any way to deal with this problem?

Yes, and it is getting the electronic board.

Read on to find out the best electronic dart boards and why you should own one.

Best Electronic Dart Boards – Quick Comparison

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The Best Electronic Dart Boards You Should Not Miss

#1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dart Board

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Topping our list today is a product of Arachnid in the Cricket Pro series.

Measuring 30x22x3 inches, the 800 dart board is bigger than the other two models from the same series (750 and 900). However, this does not necessarily mean that it is the heaviest. In fact, it weighs only 10 pounds, making it hassle-free to hang on walls.

The dart area is of standard size – 15.5 inches. Therefore, it will be an ideal option for those who wish to train for competitions.

This model features a micro-thin segment to reduce the chances of bounce-outs. Square holes are also there to let the darts stick to the surface better.

In the end, nobody likes picking darts on the floor, right?

Reading the score is a breeze once you see the Jumbo X/O LED score display of this product. The screen displays large letters and numbers that are visible from 8 feet away. That said, you no longer have to move forward to read the score every few minutes.

There are other brilliant features as well.

For example, we have the Heckler feature that will “applause” or “barrack” you when you score high or low. That is super fun when you play with your friends!

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 supports up to 8 players and 39 games. Have endless fun with this electronic dart board!


  • Durable construction with tough nylon segments
  • Large and easy-to-read scoreboard
  • 39 games with 179 variations available


  • Loud sound effects (sometimes annoying)
  • High price tag

#2 WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dart Board

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This is a real contender amongst countless of electronic dart boards. Check out its features with us!

The best thing about this WIN.MAX dart board is it comes with a sturdy ABS cabinet and plenty of darts (12 to be exact). That is not to mention 40 dart points to replace any frayed tips and AC power adapter.

A real bargain!

The target face measures 13.5 inches, which is a bit smaller than the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800. However, it can still host up to 8 players at a time. There are 27 supported games with 195 scoring options.

Plus, the cyber play function is available with 5 skill levels. You are guaranteed endless fun with this dart board!

The manufacturer had your walls in mind when designing this board. They equipped a large catch ring around the target face to create a landing zone for missed shots, thereby protecting your walls from damage.

Another highlight of this WIN.MAX dart board is the easy-to-read control panel and bright LED display, which makes reading the score easy as pie.

The downside lies in the high rate of bounce-outs. The concave segment holes and ultra-thin spider are there to prevent such a case, but they are not really effective.


  • A sturdy cabinet with built-in slots included
  • A large catch ring to protect your walls
  • Easy-to-read control panel and LED display
  • Adjustable sound volume


  • A lot of bounce-outs
  • Average-quality darts

#3 FAT CAT Electronx Electronic Dart Board

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This is another top-quality electronic dart board that comes with a handy cabinet. This time, we would love to review the FAT CAT Electronx model.

It has a lot of things in common with the WIN.MAX dart board above.

For example, it features a 13.5-inch target face. This might allow a wide margin of error, or in other words, plenty of bounce-outs. To make up for that, the cabinets are designed to open up as a cover for your walls. That way, you are able to save your beloved walls from stray darts.

We also highly appreciate the LCD panel display this FAT CAT model offers. It is so simple that even a kid can manage to use without worries. On the interface, there are 11 silver buttons allowing you to note a bounce-out or remove some scores.

As suggested above, the FAT CAT Electronx arrives with a sturdy ABS cabinet that can store up to 4 sets of darts. 6 darts and 6 spare tips are included in the purchase.

To top all the goodies off, this product is backed with a 1-year warranty.

Feel free to invite your friends to your house for a round of dart. Supporting up to 8 players with 38 games and 167 scoring options, this electronic dart board will certainly bring you endless entertainment.



  • Average-quality darts that tend to break easily
  • Shallow holes

#4 Eagle Dart Electronic Dart Board

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These Eagle Darts are sure to impress every user with its advanced technology. Let’s see.

First off, it has an app compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Get yourself connected, access the online play option, and you are able to compete against players all over the world.

Isn’t it amazing?

This board is designed with luminous numbers all around the target face, which comes in handy when you play in dim-lighting places like in a pub. Also, it helps you understand the scoring system of the game in case you are a newbie.

The board can be powered either with AA batteries or AC power. Using a battery is convenient, especially if you want to bring the board to multiple locations. However, you have to sacrifice the brightness of LED lights. If you want to take advantage of the lights, run the board with AC power instead.

What you will love is the standard size of this dart board, making it perfect for you to train like a pro and brace yourself for competitions.

Now comes the drawback.

You might find the online play a cool idea, but do not expect too much of it. In reality, there are not many online players in the lobbies, so it will be hard and time-consuming to find a match.



  • Hard to find an online match

#5 Harley-Davidson Electronic Dart Board

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Yes, you heard it right. This is a product of Harley-Davidson, and it has some top features to offer.

At first sight, the board looks great with orange and black as the main colors. It will definitely add a colorful touch to your game room.

However, it is not designed for decoration only. This Harley-Davidson earns a lot of positive reviews from users due to its outstanding performance as an electronic dart board.

The board comes with a clear LCD panel to display scores, which is easy to see from afar. It also plays some fun sound effects to bring you more fun during the game. For example, whenever you hit the bullseye, you can hear the sound of a Harley roaring.

A notable highlight of this model is that it supports 48 game modes, including 01 and cricket. Like other dart boards on the list, it can host up to 8 players at a time.

Along with the electric board, the purchase includes two sets of darts with plenty of spare tips and an AC adapter. To ease your worries about durability, the manufacturer covers this product with a generous 12-month warranty.

On the downside, the automatic scoring system of this Harley-Davidson dart board is not always accurate. Sometimes, 50 s are recorded as 25 s. This might lead to mistakes and quarrels, which might spoil your fun.



  • An inaccurate automatic scoring system

Why You Should Get An Electronic Dart Board For Your Games Room

Darts is such an awesome game to play with your friends at a party, but it would be way more fun if you had an electronic dart board.

Why so?

Is the traditional dart board not enough?

Well, let us explain to you. When there are only two players, keeping the score seems a breeze. However, how can you keep track of the score with 5 or 6 people at a time?

The next reason is to protect your walls.

Imagine how your walls would be when anyone missed the board. A hole after another. After the party, you might go bankrupt for repairs and labors.

Electronic dart boards solve all of these issues.

First, they will calculate the score automatically for you. Second, the soft-tipped darts used in these boards will save your walls from damage. Last but not least, the electronic devices will make the game much safer for anyone in the room. There will be no flying missiles near one’s eyes like with traditional dart boards.

So, if you are a serious dart thrower who often play with your friends, let’s get yourself an electronic dart board. Trust us, you will not be disappointed even a bit.

How To Find The Best Electronic Dart Board

best electronic dart boards

Number Of Players

An electronic board can host up to 16 players at a time. Based on the number of people you want to play with, pick up a suitable product.

For example, a board for family gatherings should be able to support 4 to 6 players. For the office, the board must host at least 8 people.

Got nobody to compete with?

That’s bad. But don’t worry; you can always play against the computer with electronic boards. To top this goodie off, you are able to change the difficulty level to your liking.

Number Of Games

Nearly all electronic boards are equipped with plenty of games to keep you excited. Some popular names include Cricket, Cut-Throat, Baseball, etc.

If you are after a specific game, you should check the product description to make sure the board supports your desired game.

The Detailed Buying Guide

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to buying a top-quality electronic dart board. Take a look!


You should be able to choose a suitable size for your dart board based on your needs.

For example, if you take darts seriously and want to be a professional player, you should buy an electronic board of the same size as those of pros. That way, you can practice like a pro and get yourself ready for competition.

Meanwhile, a dart board for home use is easier to choose. You can go for either bigger or smaller equipment than the professional boards.

If your needs involve portability as you are always on the go, a smaller-sized board will be an ideal option. Otherwise, you need a larger model to teach your children as it will be more visible and convenient for them to play.


The weight of a specific dart board varies depending on its material. Keep it in mind that a heavier board does not necessarily mean higher-quality. Both lightweight and heavyweight dart boards have their own benefits and drawbacks.

To find out which one fits you better, take your needs into consideration. For example, if you tend to play darts outdoors, light and compact board will make more sense as it facilitates portability.


Aside from basic functions, high-end electronic dart boards offer a lot of useful features for more fun at parties.

  • Scoreboard display: You might want to have this feature when playing with a lot of people.
  • Lighting: This feature comes in handy when you intend to play in a dim-lighting area, the basement, for example.
  • Metrics: Some boards can display metrics like average points.
  • Voice prompts: This is an extra feature that makes you feel more engaged in the game.


As electronic dart boards become more and more popular, the number of manufacturers are also on the increase. Various brands constantly innovate and introduce different products to meet the needs of customers.

Asking which is the best brand is useless since each brand has its own strengths. What you need to do is to select some reliable names, carry out a thorough research on their products, and read the feedback to find out the most suitable product.


Last but not least, do not forget to check the price of your desired electronic dart board. You cannot buy something your budget does not allow, right?

Electronic dart boards are available in a wide price range; therefore, you should be able to find out one for your budget. Remember, you get what you pay for. We mean, if you want a durable dart board to play for a long time, do not hesitate to spend more money.

Electronic Vs Bristle Dart Board – Which Is Better?

Before making a conclusion on which is better, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each kind of dart board.

Electronic Dart Board


  • It automatically keeps track of the score, which saves you time and effort
  • It is pre-loaded with a lot of games
  • It is designed with newbies in mind


  • It requires power to work, leading to some inconveniences
  • It is not as durable as bristle dart boards
  • Plastic boards make it likely for plastic tip darts to bounce out

Bristle Dart Board


  • It is very long-lasting
  • It requires little maintenance
  • It offers genuine dart experience
  • It works with steel tip darts, which are common and stick in the board better


  • It slows the game down as you need to calculate the score
  • It fades in color with time
  • Some games are difficult to score

As you can see, both types of dart boards have different advantages and disadvantages. Which is better depends on your playing purposes. While electronic boards are suitable for beginners and casual players, bristle options will benefit those who want to train like the pros.

Tips On Maintaining Your Electronic Dart Board

If you want something to last, you have to care for it. Electronic dart boards are no exception. Here we will show you some useful tips to maintain your equipment.

Avoid Harsh Elements

Sunlight is the worst enemy to a dart board; therefore, do not let your board expose directly to the sun. When you are playing, you can use standard light bulbs in the room and turn them off when the game is over.

Place your board in a dry area, which is away from windows to stop dust from gathering. Moisture should be avoided, too. If possible, we suggest you get a cabinet to best protect the board from environmental conditions.

Clean The Board Often

After every game, you should wipe down your board. First, make sure you have turned it off. Use a dry towel to clean any dust or microfibre cloth on the surface of the board. Then, take a damp cloth to wipe off any dirt. Let it dry completely before putting it to storage.

Warning: don’t make the board too wet.

Keep The Board From Water

Electronic dart boards are prone to damage from water in particular and liquids in general. Make sure you place the board in a dry place without glasses of water around to reduce the chances of a spill. Better safe than sorry!

Remove The Darts Gently

Pay attention to the way you take the darts off the board. Our advice is to twist and remove them gently using minimal force. Pulling is not recommended unless you want to damage the built-in sensors in your electronic dart board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is an electronic dart board safe for kids?

A: Some dart boards are specifically designed to be kid-friendly. You can check if a product is safe for kids in the product description.

Q: What dart boards do the pros use?

A: Bristle dart boards are the top choice of professional players and tournaments and for good reasons. You know, bristle is the most sturdy material, and it is nothing short of perfect for dart groupings.

Q: Do I need an internet connection to use it?

A: You might need an internet connection to access all the features of an electronic dart board. For example, you need to go online to compete with other random players on the internet.

Q: How do you maintain a dart board?

A: We have shown you all the maintenance tips for an electronic dart board above. The tips might be a bit different if you have a bristle board.

Q: How do you throw a dart?

A: Throwing a dart seems easy, but it is actually not. You need to have a good stance, grip, and skill to throw a dart successfully and earn a high score. Regular practice also helps a lot.

The Bottom Line

That is the end of our article. We have shown you the best electronic dart boards and everything you need to know about this fantastic equipment. We hope you can pick a suitable model and use it for a long time.

Have you tried any of those above dart boards? Tell us about your experience in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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