Bear Archery Brave Youth Bow Set Review: Safe & Easy for Kids

Bear Archery Brave Youth Bow Set review

Keep reading this Bear Archery Brave Youth bow set review. You will find it a lovely gift for your kids.

This bow features a lightweight, innovative, and cool design that makes every child jump to the cloud nine at a glance!

Notably, it is super easy to use for ages eight and older.

Don’t believe it?

Then, check the detailed review now.


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Why is the Bow a Smart Choice for Young Archers?

If your little boy says that he wants to be a Robin Hood, or your sweet daughter keeps talking about Brave Princess, it is time to buy him/her a bear archery set.

The benefits of a bow for kids are a no-brainer. To name some:


It is no secret that archery requires a severe concentration and calm.

They learn how to keep a proper hand placement, a stable arm, and deep breathing while aiming at a target.

Such concentration skills will translate to other activities and even into kids’ way of thinking about goads.


Not only does archery help develop mental health, but it is also a soft fitness activity for kids.

Although it might look “still,” this sport builds all core muscles and requires tension in hands, arm, chest, and back muscles.

Repeated movements strength the tissues and burn energy.


Many parents are scared that bow and arrow might hurt their kids and others. However, bear archery is entirely safe.

Also, kids learn techniques to protect themselves with these shooting tools.

Inexpensive present

A compound bow set like Bear Archery Brave Youth is not too expensive. More excitingly, the bow can be used for many years.

Bow Package Contents

As other bow sets, Bear Archery Brave Youth package comes with the bow and safety accessories.

  • 26-inch axle-to-axle bow
  • 2 Safety-glass arrows
  • 1-pin sight
  • Premium Whisker Biscuit arrow rest
  • Finger rollers, arrow quiver, and armguard

Features of Bear Archery Brave Youth Bow

Built for young archers

This bow set is perfectly fit for average children at the range of eight and more – both boys and girls.

The draw overweight is only 15 to 25 lb so that kids will not have to suffer from hand fatigue even after hours of practicing.

The overall length of the arrow is 26 inches – not too long so that children can shoot conveniently. The draw length and the brace height are 13.5 inches and 5.5 inches, respectively.

Built-to-last materials

The bow is coated with Cordura nylon fabric to protect it against weather elements and harsh power. Although this material is not the most expensive in the market, it is still protective.

Also, the limbs and riser of the bow are made of with composite. This material is fashionable and durable.

A couple of Safety-glass arrows

Two arrows are included in the package.

They are kind of decent, which is easy to come off when hitting a reliable target, like a wood tree.

At that time, you should press onto the fletchings and shafts to make the nocks back to the standard form.

Anyway, two arrows are not enough. Kids are active, and once they take up the archery, they want to practice more and more.

You had better buy additional 26-to-28-inch arrows. We recommend aluminum or affordable carbon arrows.

Full package accessories

The bow set is ready to use out of the box, with all safety items such as 1-pin sight, whisker biscuit rest, arrow quiver, and an armguard, etc.

Take the biscuit, for example.

It comes in a full long-lasting capture rest, making it safer than the simple plastic rests in affordable bow sets.

You can rest assured that your kids will have the most enjoyable time with the bow without injuring themselves by sharp strings or the like.

Right-handed bow

This is the only limitation when it comes to Bear Archery Brave Youth. The set is designed for high-handed shooters rather than left-handed ones.

Fortunately, most kids are right-handed.

Noise Level / Handshock

how to use the bear archery brave youth bow set

Besides the feature list, please pay attention to hand shock and noise levels, as well.

For your information, hand shock is the bow’s vibration left after shooting an arrow. And the noise level is the sound of vibration.

A rule of thumbs: Less hand shock is better.

Through tests with the Bear Archery Brave Youth Bow set, we figure out almost no noticeable hand shock.

Meanwhile, it gets louder when kids are lowering the poundage to the lowest setting at 15 lbs. It makes sense because the cables have a more considerable slack.

Draw Cycle / Shootability

The bow is easy to set with a straightforward draw cycle.

Kids at the age of eight can be familiar with the bow after a couple of trials.

To be specific, kids will have to turn the limb bolts respectively and adjust the poundage one or two pounds per turn.

Just note that the draw length of this bow is non-adjustable. The kids can only shoot correctly when they draw the string between 15.5 and 19 inches.

However, it is good for them to learn proper shooting techniques.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable price tag
  • Full-package investment
  • Whisker biscuit available
  • Durable construction
  • No hand shock and low noise level
  • Suitable for kids between 7 and 11


  • Only two arrows available in package
  • Non-adjustable draw length
  • Not for left-hand shooters


Bear Archery Brave Youth is an affordable choice to introduce your kids to basic lessons of archery.

For its features and thoughtful safety contents, the bow set is a great deal ever. However, for tweens or teens, you had better go for higher priced sets.

Wrapping Things Up

To recap this Bear Archery Brave Youth bow set review, this model is ideal for young right-handed archers at the entrance level.

Buy one now!

Archery is a healthy sport to get your kids out of their bed in a lovely morning and make them more active rather than being a couch potato on weekends.

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