Month: May 2019

Choosing a Watch as a Nurse or an EMT

choosing watches for nurses and emts

Working as a nurse or an EMT is a complex and difficult job. When people get hurt, it’s you who will be the first one to arrive on the scene and help them out. And oftentimes, you will have to be on time precisely to the seconds if you don’t want bad things to happen. And that’s why a good watch is really important here.

But as you might already know, not every watches are made for nurses and EMT’s. There has to be something special about those watches that make your stressful job easily. And in this short guide, I will show you what to look for if you want to buy a new watch for yourself.

Firstly, if you’re looking for a good watch for EMT, then you need to choose something lightweight and is bright in color. Why? Because you won’t want to wear a bulky watch that can tire your wrist when you’re in a hurry to save someone’s life. Also, if your watch is bright in color, it would be easier to find when you accidentally drop it somewhere. And trust me, that would happen a lot.

Also, for great nurse watches, they will have to be good at water resistance. And they also need to be easy to clean. Because blood and colorful liquids are something very common to face in this profession. That’s why if your watch isn’t good at water resistance, or it will get colored easily with just a small blood stain, then it’s not good!

And finally, you will want to choose a watch that is great at timekeeping. A good watch that runs on Swiss Quartz movement might be the answer here since that watch engine is really reliable when it comes to accurate timekeeping. And trust me, accuracy in time is something you will need all day every day.